Time Schedule: 4 Easy Steps to Reach Your Full Potential

As busy people, we often feel like there isn’t enough time in the day. But what if you could reach your full potential not by adding more time and tasks to your day – but simply by learning a few easy tricks for making the most of the time available? If you’re feeling overwhelmed and frustrated by your time schedule, you don’t have to be anymore. Read on to get our four easy steps for scheduling your time in the most efficient way.

Time Schedule for Efficient Work

1. Set Up Your Day Routine

The first step in learning how to maximize your time throughout the day is to schedule a daily routine. At work, try to follow the same schedule every day. For example, you may reserve a block of time every afternoon for back-to-back meetings. Try to avoid having to switch gears mentally throughout the day. Pair like mental activities on your schedule one after the other.

2. Set Aside Specific Times for Email

Next, make time in your schedule to open and answer emails. You could schedule this for one hour at the beginning of the day, another hour in the mid-afternoon and one hour before you leave the office. Let your co-workers and clients know when you’ll be answering their emails, and don’t open them until the scheduled time period. You’ll find that this practice will make it easier for you to focus on other activities and you’ll waste less time.

3. Schedule Time to Be Creative

Busy people can’t stay in meetings all day and expect to succeed. You need time to be creative, rest and take risks. This only happens if you are willing to schedule time to do all that you have proposed to do.

Every day, take a lunch or a get out of your desk and walk around for ten minutes. Block out one hour of the day to write freely, brainstorm a big project idea or just talk to your colleagues about it.  You’ll come back to your desk more energized and ready to reach your full potential at your job.

4. Learn to Delegate

You can’t do it all. Everyone needs the support of others in order to maximize their time to get the most out of the work day. Decide what you don’t really need to be at or oversee. Give your team mates and employees the power to oversee projects and you’ll find you have more scheduled time to work on projects you really need to care about.

Are You Ready for MORE Time?

To reach your full potential, learn to maximize your time! That doesn’t mean taking account of every second or minute of your day. Rather, your goal is to make the time you have stretch further and more efficiently. One easy way to do that is to learn to schedule your time and to commit to following your schedule.

What we know about the most successful leaders and CEOs around the world is that they are adept to scheduling time but also making room for creativity and free-thinking. You’ve got to have a balance to truly make a healthy, happy and productive work life.

Keep these pro steps in mind as you begin your own journey to more efficient exertion of your time and a better schedule. What worked for you?

About the author:

Harper Brenning is a Project Manager with a vast expertise in business administration, organizational change, and team management. She graduated from Master of Business Administration, Walden University. She has a personal project called CloseOpenHours that focuses on information about the hours of operation of various businesses.

Time schedule for efficient work

  1. Set up your day routine

    Try to follow the same schedule every day.

  2. Set aside specific times for email

    Make time in your schedule to open and answer emails.

  3. Schedule time to be creative

    Every day, take a lunch or a get out of your desk and walk around for ten minutes.

  4. Learn to delegate

    Decide what you don’t really need to be at or oversee.

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