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SupportPal is a powerful self-hosted help desk solution that is simple and intuitive to use. It supports a multi-channel inbox, including email, Twitter and Facebook. It comes with a host of automation and ticket management tools, like SLA plans, macros, filters, follow ups and more.

SupportPal has organisations, allowing multiple users from the same company to open and view tickets on behalf of others. There is also a strong focus on customer feedback, with the option to create customisable feedback forms. The frontend comes with a self-service area that lets you write content that the user can view and use without needing to contact you.

A number of useful plugins and integrations are also available, including HipChat, Slack and WHMCS.
The pricing plans contain no limits or surprises, it's competitive and is the same no matter how many operators you have, you do not need to worry about incurring more costs as you grow. Read More