The Digitalization Era and How It Has Reinvented Internal Communication

In the course of the digital transformation that will occur sooner or later in all companies, business processes are being radically optimized. This also fundamentally changes the way teams communicate with each other. Digitization is forcing companies to reinvent their internal communication.

Digitalization Is the Megatrend of Our Time

New business models and working methods are spreading rapidly. Companies are accelerating their processes and are increasingly networking with their customers and partners. However, companies that want to network externally must also be well connected internally. And provide their employees with the right tools for efficient communication and collaboration. Continuous optimization of business processes requires fluid communication with employees that must keep up with today’s pace of innovation. Today you can no longer get anywhere with the traditional media alone.

In this context, modern collaboration solutions are becoming increasingly popular in companies. In addition to big business software providers, players like Amazon and Facebook are now launching their own business collaboration solutions. That shows how great the potential is in this area. The so-called social intranets are one of the best examples of how social, cloud and mobile trends are revolutionizing business processes in general. And internal communication processes in particular.

Classic emails, phone calls, and meetings are increasingly fading into the background. The communication tools of the PC age are being replaced by modern solutions such as activity streams, as known on Facebook, Twitter and Co., as well as business chats. Solutions that, in addition to the collaborative aspect, also incorporate information from integrated software programs into communication. For example, Intrexx Share creates a central platform on which all important information flows.

Always Stay Updated

The main advantage of these modern communication tools is that each employee can always be up-to-date and informed about important events and updates from their colleagues and that anytime, anywhere, regardless of whether they are in the office, working from home, or on a customer’s site. Activity Streams are becoming increasingly popular. Not only on social intranets, but also generally for business solutions in a wide variety of market segments. They clearly display important events from daily business activity, notifications from built-in business applications, and status updates related to ongoing projects and tasks. At the same time, they offer all company employees an easy way to exchange ideas with their colleagues.

Company employees can communicate internally via company chat as easily as it is easy to communicate with family and friends via WhatsApp.

Ultimately, this allows for better collaboration beyond the traditional office. This is exactly what modern business chats promise, which has become increasingly popular in recent years. Company employees can communicate internally via company chat as easily as it is easy to communicate with family and friends via WhatsApp. You connect to the chat via the web or mobile app. And then exchange ideas with each other on different public channels or private groups. Also, all the notifications from the applications that are used in specialized departments often flow together here. A company chat can also become a source of activity for the entire company, to which each employee can react independently, and this is the era of the digitalization.

Digitalization Not Only for IT Teams

Today, important information and business documents can be available anytime, anywhere. Employees are always connected. With this new digitalization and possibilities for efficient collaboration, the role of traditional internal communication is changing significantly.

Instead of a rigid employee magazine or monthly email newsletter, employees can now easily stay informed at any time, give feedback, and actively participate in discussions. Modern communication tools, such as activity streams and business chats, allow fast and dynamic dialogue that knows no hierarchies. All employees, from the apprentice to the CEO, can actively participate in internal communication.

The Future of Internal Communication

The unstoppable digitalization and associated optimization of business processes is not only changing products and business models, but also the organization and internal communication of companies. Companies of all sectors and sizes are constantly faced with new challenges that can no longer be optimally addressed by classic communication tools.

Modern tools, such as activity streams or company chats, replace meetings and emails. They allow companies to optimize organizational processes, improve the dissemination of information and promote the exchange of knowledge among employees. After all, these are objectives that every company must pursue in internal communication.

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