Free Timesheet Templates: Excel & PDF

Download weekly and monthly free timesheet templates. Improve your workflow and boost your productivity with these helpful templates for payroll and overtime tracking. Download, complete, and print, find them below!

Download the Timesheet Templates that Fit Your Team

Whether you’re a small business owner, a manager, or an individual looking to streamline time tracking, our free timesheet templates are designed to cater to your needs. Choose from weekly and monthly templates to suit your preferred time tracking frequency.

Free timesheet template

Weekly Timesheet Templates

Certainly, our weekly timesheet templates are perfect for organizations and individuals who need to track time on a weekly basis. They offer comprehensive options for calculating overtime, vacation time, lunch breaks, and more. Ideal for part-time and full-time employees, these templates simplify time tracking and provide accurate data for payroll processing. Get your preferred format:

Monthly Timesheet Templates

For those who prefer a monthly time tracking system, our monthly timesheet templates are an excellent choice. So, these templates allow you to record overtime, vacation time, lunch breaks, and more over a monthly period. Whether you’re an hourly or salaried employee, our templates are adaptable to your needs. They even offer 31 time entry slots for each day of the month. Choose your preferred format:

Need a Different Timesheet Solution?

If you’re tired of manual time recording and seek a more advanced solution, consider trying TrackingTime. Our online timesheets offer automation and simplification for your timesheet workflow, providing accurate data and streamlining compliance.

Replace the old-fashioned paper timesheets for TrackingTime’s online timesheets and never look back.

1. Automatic Timesheets for Teams of Any Size

Gain a comprehensive overview of your team’s time spent on projects and tasks. TrackingTime simplifies timesheet creation and helps you track your employees’ hours effortlessly.

2. The Most Flexible Timesheets

Reduce admin work and access automated timesheets, suitable for your needs. Use them for project budgeting, client billing, payroll processing, productivity analytics, and more.

3. Share Reports and Impress Your Clients 

Bring your time data into fully customized reports and export them in PDF, CSV, or XLS formats. And present a professional image to your clients and colleagues with accurate and organized data.

Boost Your Productivity with TrackingTime Free Timesheet Templates

In conclusion, elevate your productivity by signing up for free at TrackingTime—a comprehensive time tracking solution that will take your project management to new heights. Therefore, discover the power of a sophisticated time tracker that effortlessly reduces your management hassles, empowering your team to excel without unnecessary interference, ensuring full compliance with the FLSA federal law and its requirements.

Whether you choose our free timesheet templates or opt for TrackingTime’s advanced online timesheets, you’ll have the tools you need to manage time effectively and ensure compliance with labor laws and payroll requirements. So, explore your options today and take control of your time tracking.


What are the benefits of free timesheet templates?

Timesheets offer several benefits for businesses. They enable accurate tracking of employee hours, making payroll processing more efficient. Additionally, timesheets also provide valuable data for project management, resource allocation, and productivity analysis. Moreover, they promote transparency, accountability, and compliance with labor regulations.

How can time tracking be integrated with timesheets?

Time tracking and timesheets go hand in hand, enabling precise recording of work hours. So, by integrating time tracking tools with timesheets, employees can easily track their time spent on tasks and projects. Therefore, this integration ensures accurate and up-to-date timesheet entries, reducing manual effort and improving data accuracy.

Is there a timesheet template in Excel?

Yes, download your timesheet template to use in Excel from this page. So, you may complete it with your data, and print if needed.