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22 Jun

How to succeed at working from home

Mariana Saturansky

Can you balance personal life and work if both happen in your living room?

29 May

Ten Things Productive People Do Before Going to Bed

Mariana Saturansky

The key to a productive day starts the night before…

22 Apr

What are you saying no to?

Mariana Saturansky

One of the main tips to increase productivity is to say “no” more often. But what are we saying no to?

16 Mar

How can time management tips help you lose weight.

Mariana Saturansky

Did you know that time management tips can be very useful for achieving many goals other than just handling time?

2 Mar

Want to be really productive? Eat a live frog first thing in the morning!

Mariana Saturansky

Learn more about your “frog” and how to overcome it.

15 Jan

The (feared) To-Do List

Mariana Saturansky

Being productive starts with a list, but some of us usem them incorrectly and get even more frustrated.

6 Jan

Seize the morning hours… or not

Mariana Saturansky

Can you comply with all the productivity hacks out there? Have you tried and fail?

8 Jan

The Morning: A Key to Productivity


Working in the first hours of the morning can help in being more productive. Read these tips to have a more productive day

23 Dec

Divide et Impera: 3 Proven Strategies to Effectively Manage Your To-do List


It is not only about dividing your tasks and writing them on a to-do list. Having a strategy at the time of managing your to-do list will help you in actually getting things done.