Time Tracker for Airtable


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Track your time right from Airtable

With the Tracking Time Button Extension for Chrome enhance Airtable with time tracking.

Get automatic timesheets and enjoy TrackingTime’s in-depth analytics.

About airtable

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Airtable looks like a fast and flexible spreadsheet, but it's actually a relational database that can store almost anything. Save time by working together Airtable's built for collaboration and lets you share your data, chat with teammates, and see changes as they happen. Manage your data from anywhere Airtable syncs across all your devices to keep your data up-to-date wherever you go. Our mobile apps make it easy to add and remove data, attach files, and collaborate with your team. The free version has unlimited bases, 1,200 records per base, 2GB per base, and 2 weeks of revision and snapshot history. Read More

Is TrackingTime easy to connect with Airtable?

Yes, there is no setup required. In just a few clicks, you can start tracking your time right from Airtable with the TrackingTime Extension for Chrome and Firefox.

How does TrackingTime for Airtable work?

With TrackingTime’s timer you can keep track of your time right within your projects and tasks in Airtable.

Can I connect to Airtable using TrackingTime’s free plan?

Yes, TrackingTime allows you to connect with Airtable when you’re on the free plan.

What is Airtable useful for?

Airtable is an easy-to-use online platform for creating and sharing relational databases. The user interface is simple, colorful, friendly, and allows anyone to spin up a database in minutes. You can store, organize, and collaborate on information about anything while keeping track of every hour by connecting with TrackingTime.