Time Tracking for Agiled


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Track your time right from Agiled

Agiled Time Tracking Extension for Chrome, Firefox and Edge.

An easy-to-use time tracking solution for your team.

Get automatic timesheets and enjoy TrackingTime’s in-depth analytics.

About agiled time tracking

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Agiled is a business and work management platform which helps users manage their business in one place. Agiled offers CRM, HRM, Financial Management, Projects and Task Management, Contracts and Professional Proposals. Agiled comes with many native Integrations along with Zapier Integration, Integromate Integration, API and Custom Webhooks. With Agiled businesses can stop switching between tools and manage their business in one integrated place. Read More

Is TrackingTime easy to connect with Agiled?

Yes, there is no setup required. In just a few clicks, you can start tracking your time right from Notion with the TrackingTime Extension for Chrome and Firefox.

How can I track time in Agiled?

With TrackingTime’s timer you can keep track of your time right within your projects and notes in Agiled.

Can I connect to Agiled using TrackingTime’s free plan?

Yes, TrackingTime allows you to connect with Agiled when you’re on the free plan.