Time Tracking for Smartsheet


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Track your time right from Smartsheet

With the TrackingTime Button Extension for Chrome
enhance Smartsheet with time tracking formula!

Just add anywhere in Smartsheet

=”TrackingTime:”+Task Name column+”,,”+Project name column

And we’ll take care of the rest!

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Smartsheet offers businesses an intuitive collaboration and work management tool. The ease of use of the familiar spreadsheet-like interface, coupled with file sharing, work automation and Gantt chart features, have made it a popular and highly functional collaboration and project management tool for over 70,000 organizations and millions of users worldwide. Read More

How can I track my time in Smartsheet?

It’s easy. You need to install the TrackingTime browser extension and then enter a simple formula in your Smartsheet that will let us detect your projects and tasks names and automatically create them in TrackingTime as soon as you start tracking..

I entered the formula but I can’t see the play button to start tracking in Smartsheet.

If the formula is correct please make sure that you have installed the browser extension and that you have logged into it.

Can I add a column in my Smartsheet to see the total time tracked for my projects?

The total time tracked for projects will be available in your TrackingTime account and you can see the accumulated time in the browser extension while tracking.

Is the Smartsheet integration available in the Free version of TrackingTime?

Yes, you can use the Smartsheet integration with both Free and PRO plans.