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Keep track of your time and gain a comprehensive view of your tasks and projects,
and easily log team hours without any hassle

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Effortless Time Tracking

Track your time seamlessly as you work with a user-friendly desktop app
designed to integrate smoothly into your regular workflow

Visualize work pace

Control your weekly activities to monitor progress and identify areas of improvement to make the best of your workday. Manage your workload efficiently to meet goals and deadlines.

Boost productivity

Effortlessly switch between web and desktop apps and ensure that your team members never overlook tracking their time. Seamlessly add and modify tasks or projects to streamline your workflow.

Easy access

Launch the Desktop App directly from your operating system's taskbar without interrupting your current tasks to seamlessly transition to work on multiple tasks simultaneously.


Track Time, Not People

100% private and automatic time tracking for teams

Forget Time Tracking

Record work hours automatically and use accurate information for time reports

Improve Work Habits

Activity records provide valuable insight to improve work habits and performance

Get Accurate Reports

Instead of spying on them, trust your team to deliver accurate reports to bill for all their work


Add Time Tracking to the Apps You Use Every Day

Sync TrackingTime with the tools your team uses every day to fit their work habits. This way, they can keep track of every minute without switching between apps.

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Unleash Team Productivity
with Automatic Time Tracking

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