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BambooHR is a software that provides a centralized platform for managing and consolidating all employee and human resources related data. It allows creating a database of employee profiles that can be accessed by different users within the company, with access permissions defined by the administrator. The profiles can store various information such as personal details, photos, benefits, salary, time off, documents, training and more. Additionally, the software allows for the addition of custom fields to record company-specific information. BambooHR allows for self-service access for employees where they can view and update their personal information on the platform. The access permissions can be customized by the administrator to define which information is accessible to which users. Additionally, employees can use the software to request time off, view their time off entitlements, and view other team members' time off schedules. Managers have the ability to add time off policies, set accrual levels, approve time-off requests, and generate custom reports related to time off. Read More