TrackingTime at the NEXT Berlin

After being very busy developing lots of new cool stuff, we came to Europe this year to present our app and talk to the press and investors. Two weeks ago we went to Amsterdam to the TNW Conference. We are now very excited to be in Germany during the Berlin Web Week. This is the largest festival for the digital scene in Europe.


It embraces many international conferences, hackathons, investor meet-ups and job exchanges. One of them is the NEXT Berlin conference, which we had the privilege to attend for the first time this year. Two amazing days and nights of NEXT14 2014 are now over, and we’re overwhelmed. We came to the german capital city to present our brand new Chrome app to the european digital avant-garde and we could not be happier with the feedback we got . It was a great pleasure meeting so many amazing people, getting lots of great insights, and enjoying the city. A big THANK YOU to the organisers and to all our new friends. We hope to see you guys again next year!